Solving K12 problems one district at a time?

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Collaborate and benefit from those who have solved them together.

The K12 Federation Mission:

To bring together a community of interest and expertise to share ideas, resources and innovate for K12 by K12.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We are K12! Organizations who already have the responsibility to serve K12 districts today. We are passionate about collaborating to provide answers to K12 technology problems that have confronted us for decades. Working together, we realize our strength in numbers, and evolve our vision as others  join and contribute.

What We Do

What We Do

The vision of the K12 Federation is to establish a community of operators whose shared knowledge, expertise and resources mitigate the cost, complexity and risk of implementing and supporting educational services such as, but not limited to, identity, rostering and access management systems in the emerging digital ecosystem.



New York



We have gathered dozens of technology leaders from states representing over 4 million students all bringing something to the table. The K12 Federation began just like that—simply a community of these K12 folks, who we call “operators”.  These K12 operators realized their missions, goals and visions were nearly identical within their own states, and concluded we could build great tools more effectively and spend the public money more efficiently if we pooled our efforts. The founding operators brought decades of experience in past attempts to solve K12 problems, and they were keenly aware of sustainability as the key ingredient.

The K12 Federation built its business model with sustainability first and foremost. The K12 Federation business model establishes real value to K12 operator services, and provides an exchange for these valuable assets, talent and services.  With an innovative governance model, new operators gain access to valuable resources, while greeted with opportunities to organically shape the organization itself.  


The K12 Federation has harnessed the spirit of K12 collaboration, the business of exchange,  and a governance reflective of K12 to create the “secret sauce of sustainability”—one that is owned and operated by K12 for K12.


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